These Pac-man Tables are Amazing! [pics]

Although I haven’t really been looking too hard, I am in the market to find a new coffee table for my living room since the glass on mine is in bad shape.  If I had the money, I would love to have the Star Trek Enterprise coffee table or Millennium Falcon coffee table I have posted about in the past but they are way out of my price range.

However, I would gladly pay a slightly high price for one of these amazing Pac-Man tables if they were for sale! Thanasis Mokas a carpenter, furniture designer and photographer from Athens, Greece is the creator of these amazing Pac-Man tables and while I don’t see any way to buy them, I still want to give this guy props for creating such amazing Pac-Man tables.

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Green Pac-Man Table
Green Pac-Man Table
Yellow Pac-Man Table
Yellow Pac-Man Table

[Source:  Thanasis Mokas via it8bit]






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