Windows 8 or just AOL 2.0? [pic]

Its no secret that I don’t like Windows 8.  From the time I spent messing with it, I have found it to be the worst OS I have ever used.  So, when I saw this comparison between the old AOL Kids Only interface and the Metro interface in Windows 8 cross my Facebook feed, it gave me a bit of a chuckle.

My first venture onto the internet was with AOL although it has been so long ago that I don’t really remember it other than we constantly got disconnected.  However, after seeing this, I think from now on, I am just going to refer to Windows 8 as AOL 2.0.

Pass this along to any Windows users and former AOL users you know!  Like us on Facebook too!

Windows 8 or America Online
Windows 8 or America Online

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