TARDIS Stained Glass [pic]

I’m glad to see the art of stained glass is not dead and is being used for something other than religious purposes.  I have nothing against it being used for religious purposes, its just that when you think of stained glass, you tend to think of the stained glass that you would find in a big church.  Anyway…

Somebody by the name of Coby is apparently a big Doctor Who fan and also has the skills it takes to make some rather impressive stained glass, in this case a stained glass TARDIS.  This one isn’t 3D like the last stained glass TARDIS I posted, but for some reason, I seem to like this one better.

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Stained Glass TARDIS
Stained Glass TARDIS

[Source:  Doctor Who Crafts]

7 thoughts on “TARDIS Stained Glass [pic]

  1. Cool! Thanks for the compliment! I truly enjoyed making this for my friend Easter,And oops typo! COBY not Colby ;o)

  2. I am lucky enough to be the owner of this TARDIS! It is amazing and fits right into my Doctor Who kitchen. Thanks again, Coby!!

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