How Great are Laptops for Online Gaming? [Guest Post]

Ever since the world has been introduced to the wonderful power of computers, the demand for more processing power, while getting smaller, has led to the laptops and tablets of today.  With such processing power at their fingertips, consumers are now expecting things like free laptop deals to entice them in giving up their hard earned cash. Since manufacturers are not likely to give away any free laptops, they have instead focused on producing laptops that are both powerful and fun to use.

Major laptop vendors such as Toshiba and Dell realize that today’s consumers want the ability to work with the latest version of Microsoft Office, while at the same time be able to play Battlefield or Doom with their online friends, as they are on the road. That is what Dell had in mind when it produced the Dell Precision M660 Workstation. No, it is not one of those fly by night gimmick free laptop deals, rather it is a mobile computing beat that you can create a spreadsheet for work while blasting as many Doom demons you can find.

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The Dell Precision is not cheap but rather an investment as evidenced by its retail $5700 price tag. Yes, that is a nice dink on your credit card, but what you get for the price Dell delivers major bang for your bucks:

  • 17 Inch High Definition Monitor
  • Intel’s Quad Extreme 2920XM Core i7  CPU
  • 32 Gigs of Ram
  • 2 – 250GB drives
  • 5 – USB ports
  • HDMI
  • Blu Ray DVD RW Drive
  • 802.11 n Gigabit Ethernet

The only draw-back with all of this hardware is that it weighs slightly over 9lbs. But that is a small price as you beat your friends to the punch with your Ethernet connection.

As your friends are getting fitted for glasses due to the fact that they are squinting in front or their small monitors, you on the other hand, have a mobile home entertainment center. A 17 inch high definition monitor along with 500G in total storage space to download all of the digital content your heart desires. Also, do not forget that most of the current laptop games like those online casino malaysia. In which you use the UFABET  เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า  and pick the games you want to enjoy.

You get to watch either the latest movie release or the movie tie in for your game in high definition. Your eyes and ears will be in sensory heaven. The only thing that is missing is the buttered popcorn as you blast those pesky Doom creatures into digital dust. Learn more about games you should try at using the last link.

With this powerhouse in hand, you can easily go online with confidence knowing that you will not suffer any frames freezing up because the M660 will enable you to be the digital combat warrior whether you are at home or on the road. For more on gaming CSGO major starts on 31st of October.

Just think about it; you are looking around the corner in Doom trying to find a monster to blast then, your laptop either freezes or slows to a crawl. You are toast because one of your friends or a demon will get you. Those worries are gone with the M660 because with your gigabit connection, along with the built in horse power that Dell has placed at your fingertips, will enable you to focus more on your strategies for winning the game instead of being dead in digital space.

Today’s top laptops such as the Dell M660 may not be considered one of the free laptop deals that can be found at your local computer shop, but they do; however, provide power and performance so that you can work or play at ease.


I’m Ruben Corbo and I’m a freelance writer for several websites about various topics including tech, smartphones, and more. One of the best websites I write for Broadband Expert offers free laptops with a broadband connection. To let you know a little bit more about myself, I’m an avid gamer and music composer for short films and other visual arts. I would like to thank Jeremy Bray and Global Geek News for this opportunity to guest post.



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  1. Ross Felix Avatar

    Well, I’m not a hard core gamer (mostly Wow and Diablo) but I have to say that my brand new laptop from Lenovo is doing just fine. 15.6″ screen, i7-3820QM, 20gb of ram, and NVidia’s Quadro K2000M. I have zero complaints at this point 🙂

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