This Woman is Obsessed with R2-D2 [pic]

I am known for showing my devotion to my geeky loves ranging from the Legend of Zelda to Star Trek with the clothes that I wear, but I think this woman has taken things a bit further when it comes to R2-D2.  Not only is this rather attractive woman wearing an awesome R2-D2 swimsuit, but with the R2-D2 tattoo on her arm and R2-D2 case on her iPhone, I think she has definitely found the droid she had been looking for!  This is what you call a truly obsessed R2-D2 fan!  Now if only I could get a woman to be that obsessed about me…

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Woman Obsessed with R2-D2
Woman Obsessed with R2-D2

[via Geeks are Sexy]






One response to “This Woman is Obsessed with R2-D2 [pic]”

  1. Marie Avatar

    I’ll be that obsessed over you. Geeks with a good sense of humor are my favorite. 😉

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