Steampunk Thing from The Addams Family [pic]

I don’t think I have watched any of the Addams Family shows since I was a kid, but I remember that my favorite character was Thing.  I’m not exactly sure why I identified so much with a disembodied hand as a kid, but I just seemed to like it more than the other characters for some reason.  Well, it seems I’m not the only one who had a love for the hand because the artist Doktor A. made this amazing steampunk version of Thing for an upcoming Addams Family-themed show at the Wootini Gallery in Carrboro, North Carolina.  And now I can’t seem to get the Addams Family theme song out of my head.  Just great.

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Steampunk Thing from The Addams Family
Steampunk Thing from The Addams Family

[via Neatorama]






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