TARDIS TV Cabinet [pic]

I’m starting to wonder if there is anything that Whovians won’t turn into a TARDIS.  First it was the TARDIS refrigerator, then the TARDIS movie cabinet and now somebody has made a TARDIS TV cabinet.  Actually, I think this is the coolest TARDIS build yet although it really needs a more modern TV in it.  It just seems wrong for something this awesome not to house an awesome TV.  I will admit, the built in storage for movies and stuff is pretty awesome.  I want!

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Doctor Who TARDIS TV Cabinet
Doctor Who TARDIS TV Cabinet

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3 responses to “TARDIS TV Cabinet [pic]”

  1. Who Avatar

    what if the tardis itself does represent a tv box with the doctor inside and his sonic screwdriver is a remote 😀

  2. Rizu Avatar

    you can get a remote on think geek that is a sonic screwdriver. I think whomever has this cabinet should have one of those.

  3. pcnerd37 Avatar

    I agree, the sonic screwdriver remote would be the perfect companion for this!

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