Support ExtraCore on Kickstarter!


Last week, I posted about the cool little Arduino compatible project known as ExraCore.  Well, now you can support the project through Kickstarter!  For those that have never heard of kickstarter, it gives people with an idea a way to raise money from generous people who might also be interested in the project to help make their dream happen.  In this particular case, the creator of ExtraCore, Dustin Andrews, is looking to raise $7,200 to be able to manufacture these awesome little boards.  This is where you come in!  You can pledge as much money as you like for the project and depending on how much you pledge (as memory serves, if the goal isn’t reached, you get your money back), you will get something in return ranging from a thank you to having your name etched on every board made in this batch.  Anyway, head over to kickstarter for more details!





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