Futurama’s New New York Built with LEGOs [pic]

I honestly didn’t plan this to be such a LEGO heavy day with the Star Wars Death Star LEGO post, the Bioshock Rapture LEGO post and now this but I’m glad it has turned out that way.  As most of you probably know, my all-time favorite cartoon is Futurama so when I saw that somebody had recreated Futurama’s New New York in LEGOs, I knew I just had to post it.  This amazing LEGO build includes such iconic Futurama places as Planet Express, Robot Arms Apartments and Madison Cube Garden.  Matt De Lanoy spent two years making this awesome build and I would say it was time well spent!

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Futurama's New New York Made from LEGOs
Futurama’s New New York Made from LEGOs


[via Wired]