Darth Vader Salsa Dances and Plays the Trombone [video]

Darth Vader Dances
Darth Vader Dances

I’ve always wondered what Darth Vader does for a hobby and now it looks like we finally know.  Apparently he goes around and dances salsa while playing a trombone for old people.  The video below shows Darth Vader getting his groove on and he is actually pretty good!  The guy under the Darth Vader costume is Dancing Trombonist Jonathan Arons who was performing his routine at the Andrew Jackson Senior Center in Bronx, NY.  I must say, he does a good job of playing the Imperial March Star Wars music with his trombone!  Now we just need a video of Yoda doing the cha-cha while playing the accordion.

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[via Geekologie]


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