Star Wars lightsaber display room [pic]

Do you think you are a big Star Wars fan?  Do you have a room dedicated to displaying your lightsaber collection?  If not, then you aren’t as big of a Star Wars fan as the person who decided to make his stairway a tribute to the awesome Star Wars weapon.  I don’t see any stairs but that is what it looks like anyway.  Whoever has this awesome display in their house must be a huge Star Wars fan to have a dozen lightsabers lining the wall with a Return of the Jedi poster as the centerpiece.  I am curious what this little collection cost the owner?

Make sure to send this to all of your Star Wars loving friends!  Do you have any geeky shrines like this?  Let us know in the comments!

Lightsaber Display Room
Lightsaber Display Room

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  1. geefx Avatar

    HAHA!!! That’s the stairway from our old house! The wife wasn’t overly happy with it, so we moved house and now I have a much bigger room to display my Lightsaber collection!! The Return of the Jedi poster I had signed by the Star Wars cast present at the Bring Back Star Wars reunion – I even had Justin Lee Collins sign it for fun!! 😀

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