Windows Phone 7 developer releases sales data & its not good

Apparently Microsoft is ashamed of the sales of Windows Phone 7 so far judging by their unwillingness to talk about sales numbers but now there is some data available thanks to a developer giving an idea just how bad things are doing.  Given the fact that Windows Phone 7 is still not on carriers like Verizon and is sharing shelf space with Android and the iPhone 4 in AT&T stores, its not too surprising but I would say things need to improve and quickly if they are going to keep developers interested in the platform.

krashlander sales
krashlander sales graph by

Windows Phone 7 developer Jeff Weber has created an application called Krashlander that is currently sitting at #32 on the list of top paid apps with a 4 star rating on the Windows Phone 7 platform but is still only averaging 17 sales per day.  The app is also only $.99.  Thanks to the trail feature of the Windows Phone 7 platform, the application has been downloaded 2420 times with only 680 purchases as shown in the graph above.  That seems kind of sad for something that high on the list of paid apps.  After Microsoft takes its cut (30% I think), that is barely enough to buy lunch every day.  This isn’t unprecedented as the early days of Android saw something similar with one company that had the #5 and #12 best selling apps only averaging $60 a day and that is including other apps they had created which weren’t so popular.  Still, those are some very disappointing numbers for those thinking Windows Phone 7 presents a big opportunity.