Amazon’s amazing Black Friday deal: Kindle 2 for $89

The Amazon Kindle 2
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Amazon has announced that for Black Friday, you will be able to pick up a Kindle 2 for just $89.  While it isn’t the current generation Kindle, it is the e-reader I use and it is awesome.  If you are looking for an e-book reader for yourself or to give to a loved one as a Christmas gift, this would be the sale to jump on.  Amazon didn’t specify if it is the international version of the Kindle 2 or any specific details like that so if that really matters to you, you might have to wait until Friday to decide if you will buy it.  Don’t wait too long into Friday to make up your mind though as there is a limited supply.  If you are looking to get the current generation Kindle, you can get the wifi version for the usual $139 and that comes with a 50% better contrast ratio and a webkit based browser that does a much better job than the browser on the Kindle 2.  Happy shopping!