Google is getting ready to take Street View indoors

Greetings Readers!

The other night, I was catching up on some recent episodes of KenRadio that I had fallen behind on and picked up a nugget that nobody seems to have noticed.  What is that nugget you ask?  Apparently Google is getting ready to take Street View indoors with “Inside View”.

According to Andy Abramson, author of the popular blog VoIP Watch, Google is working on an unannounced addition to Street View that will give users the ability to check out the inside of public buildings or publicly accessible buildings.  What kinds of places?  Abramson says they are going into buildings like a hotel lobby, restaurants, libraries, clubs, bowling alleys, pizza parlors and various other places that people go.  Abramson says the Google team working on this new product came into his hotel, the Intercontinental San Francisco, and began shooting 360° panoramic photos of the hotel lobby which was when he found out about this new product which he called “Inside View.”

To me, this sounds like a bit of a censoring nightmare for Google, having to censor the faces of everybody in these public places so they don’t get sued, but I really like the concept.  I would love to be able to know what a place looks like before I go there.  I tend to book all of my hotel stays online but I am never able to see a picture of the lobby or anything to get a feel for how nice a hotel is which would often make a big difference in where I stay.  It will be interesting just how far this gets taken and what kinds of places the cameras get to go.  This feature has a ton of potential and many possibilities for what it can be used for.  I can’t wait for Google to announce it.  I wonder when that will be…

If you want to hear it from Andy Abramson himself, go to the 19 minute mark on Thursday, December 3, 2009’s edition of KenRadio.

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