TweetReplies Makes Sure You Never Miss an @ Reply

Greetings Readers!

I thought I would write a quick post to share a great new Twitter service that I have discovered with my readers.  As you may have guessed from the post title, the new service is called TweetReplies.

For those that have never heard of TweetReplies, it is a new service that helps make sure you never miss an @ reply.  TweetReplies emails you whenever you have an @ reply so you never have to wait around for your friends to reply to your latest tweet.  With many people able to get their email via their phone, you can rest assured that you will know if you get an @ reply even if you are away from your computer.  But that’s not all!  TweetReplies will also make an RSS feed out of your replies!

If you are like me and obsessively try to aggregate everything you are interested in into your Google Reader, this is the service for you.   By turning your @ replies into an RSS feed, you can save that precious click from your RSS reader to your Twitter client.  This is also very handy for those that use Google Reader to share rss items with others.  You can now share your tweet replies without having to worry about retweeting or trying to cut down a tweet enough to retweet it to all of your followers.

There is one great thing that I probably should have mentioned sooner.  What is this wonderful thing you ask?  TweetReplies does all of this WITHOUT your Twitter password!  With the recent Twitter phishing and hijacking attacks, this is probably the most important feature.  Never giving out your password unless absolutely necessary is always the best policy and TweetReplies seems to understand this.  You can rest easy knowing that you haven’t given your password to another third party service that could potentially try to hijack your account.

If you are looking to get your Twitter replies from email or RSS, this is the service for you.






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  1. Carter Rabasa Avatar

    You might also be interested in checking out I just launched it last night, and it has some advantages (and disadvantages) compared to TweetReplies.

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