The Global Geek News Podcast returns this week and with a new co-host!

Greetings Listeners!

Yet again, its been too long since I have done a Global Geek News Podcast.  The Global Geek News Blog has been going stronger than ever, but there has been nothing from the podcast in far too long.  That changes this week.  While the Global Geek News Video plans are still in the works, the Global Geek News Podcast returns this week!  If that wasn’t exciting enough, we now have a new co-host, Wesley Faulkner!

I’m not positive exactly what time the show will go up, but we are recording on Wednesday night, so I expect it to be out on Thursday or Friday.  In the future, we will be recording on Saturdays, so I will try to get the show out by Sunday.  Also, don’t forget that unless something goes wrong, the recordings will be at least partially streamed on Global Geek News Live.