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  • Playing Sim City? Why Not Zoidberg? [pic]

    Unlike many gamers, I never played much Sim City growing up.  I think I played a little bit of it on the SNES and about a year ago, I played it a bit on my iPad but I’ve never really got into the Sim City games (I love The Sims though).  I wouldn’t mind giving […]

  • Fantastic Futurama Cupcakes [pic]

    There have been a lot of spectacular cupcakes I have shared on Global Geek News in the past ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes to Doctor Who cupcakes, but this is the first time I have ever seen anybody make any Futurama cupcakes and they turned out quite spectacular!  And if you don’t agree, you […]

  • Fantastic Futurama Fingernail Art [pic]

    A few days ago I posted some great Zoidberg fingernail art and while it was very impressive (especially how the person was able to contort their fingers to make them line up perfectly), I think this Futurama fingernail art blows Zoidberg right out of the water! Of course this fantastic Futurama fingernail art includes Zoidberg […]

  • Need a Manicure? Why Not Zoidberg Fingernail Art! [pic]

    I have posted a ton of awesome fingernail art on Global Geek News in the past such as the amazing Dark Knight Rises fingernail art and some fantastic Super Mario Bros fingernail art.  However, it wasn’t until I saw these Futurama fingers that I asked myself, why not Zoidberg?  So, here is some awesome Zoidberg […]

  • Futurama Zoidberg and Fry Cosplay [pic]

    From what I have seen, Bender and Leela seem to be the most common characters for some Futurama coplay but a couple of people dared to be different and decided to dress up like Dr. Zoidberg and Fry.  The more I think about it, I think this is the first time I have seen anybody […]

  • Savior Zoidberg Tattoo [pic]

    What do you get when you cross religion with Futurama?  Savior Zoidberg of course!  A Futurama fan with what appears to be a really hairy leg is sporting this awesome Zoidberg tattoo where he appears to be a religious icon.  The amount of color in this cool tattoo is definitely going to grab your attention. […]