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  • Behold! The World’s Most Amazing Mario Kart Cakes! [pic]

    I’ve posted a couple of amazing Mario Kart cakes before such as this mind blowing Mario Kart wedding cake, but as far as a Mario Kart cake that is just focused on the carts goes, this cake is the ultimate Mario Kart cake! The level of detail, shininess, and smoothness on the karts as well […]

  • Giant Angry Birds Pizza [pic]

    If there are two things that I can honestly say I am addicted to, it would have to be pizza and Angry Birds.  Well, apparently one hungry Angry Birds fan was able to talk his local pizza place into making him a giant Angry Birds pizza.  I am actually pretty amazed at how good looking […]

  • This Millennium Falcon Pie Looks Delicious! [pic]

    Although I like all kinds of pie, I would have to say that apple pie is my favorite.  However, if I could get a Millennium Falcon shaped apple pie, that would be the best day ever!  Oki, my favorite blogging sushi chef with a slight Star Wars addiction is at it again but instead of […]

  • Death Star Cookies [pic]

    I’m not sure what country these are from since the wording on the package clearly isn’t English, but apparently you can buy Death Star cookies in some lucky country.  Of course these don’t appear to be officially licensed but for the average Star Wars geek, I don’t think that really matters much when somebody offers […]

  • Yoda wedding cake: May the force be with you! [pics]

    Yesterday, I posted some pictures of a Star Trek Voyager and Borg Cube wedding cakes and today I have a Yoda wedding cake to share with you!  One of my twitter followers that goes by the handle @meemsnyc, passed along these awesome couple of pictures of a Yoda wedding cake from her wedding.  It was a […]