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  • Legend of Zelda Defend Hyrule Brass Knuckles T-Shirt

    Legend of Zelda Defend Hyrule Brass Knuckles T-Shirt

    There are a lot of people into the whole brass knuckles thing despite the fact that they are illegal in many places but I have never been one of them.  I’m not a fist fighting kind of guy as I prefer to settle my disputes in a game of Halo or something so brass knuckles […]

  • NES Zapper Turned Into Dangerous Laser Gun [pic + video]

    As a kid, I had always dreamed of using the NES Zapper for things other than Duck Hunt, but even to this day, I still don’t have the electronics skills required to do anything more than shooting ducks on my TV.  Well, one team that does have the electronics skills to turn the NES Zapper […]

  • Fan Made Assassin’s Creed III Replica Tomahawk [pic]

    When some people see something they like, they waste no time in replicating it.  Apparently DeviantART user Fevereon is one of those people.  It was only a few days ago that the first video of Assassin’s Creed III was released and Fevereon has already created a replica tomahawk from the game’s trailer.  Oh, and it […]

  • The awesome mini crossbow of doom! [video]

    As a kid, I used to have a bow with some arrows that I would shoot for fun or at least it was fun until the feather type things on the bow started cutting up my hands, but I have never had the opportunity to shoot a crossbow.  Now, if I ever get to shoot […]

  • Duke Nukem’s new weapon: Poo [Duke Nukem Forever video]

    Just when you thought Duke Nukem couldn’t push the envelope any more, it looks like they found an all new way to do it, with feces throwing!  The hilarious and slightly disgusting video below apparently shows off Duke’s newest weapon in Duke Nukem Forever, poo!  I don’t know who had the idea during the creation […]

  • Star Wars lightsaber display room [pic]

    Do you think you are a big Star Wars fan?  Do you have a room dedicated to displaying your lightsaber collection?  If not, then you aren’t as big of a Star Wars fan as the person who decided to make his stairway a tribute to the awesome Star Wars weapon.  I don’t see any stairs […]