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  • Steampunk Iron Man Pocket Watch [pic]

    While I think pocket watches are cool, classy and old fashioned, I have never had much of a desire to carry one.  I no longer even wear a watch since all of the gadgets I wear can tell me the time and frankly I don’t have the room in my pockets to even think about […]

  • This Pac-Man Watch Costs Nearly $18,000 [pic]

    There are a lot of things you can do with $18,000 like buy a car or remodel your house but if if you are a huge Pac-Man fan, you can spend it on one of these amazing watches! The creator of this beautiful Pac-Man watch is watchmaker RJ-Romaine Jerome.  Part of the reason this watch […]

  • A TARDIS Watch Fit for a Timelord [pic]

    When you are traveling though time, I’m sure it is pretty easy to lose track of time so what better way to fix that problem than with a TARDIS watch!  Personally, I stopped wearing a watch like 2 years ago when my last watch broke and I realized it was kind of silly to keep […]