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  • Tetris Wall Clock [pic]

    Since I can already tell the time on every computer, video game console and gadget I own, not only do I no longer wear a watch, but I really don’t have a reason for a wall clock either.  Well, if I did decide to buy a wall clock (come to think of it, I could […]

  • Steampunk Wall Clock [pic]

    Sadly, I don’t own anything that can be considered in the style of steampunk but that might change with this amazing wall clock!  The actual name of this clock is the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock by Design Toscano.  The description for this awesome clock is below but for those looking to bring a steampunk […]

  • Cool clocks for math geeks [pics]

    Not long ago, I posted a really cool shirt for math geeks that you could buy and now somebody has come up with some really cool wall clocks for math geeks.  The first clock is called a Math Pop Quiz wall clock.  Here is a picture with the product description below.  You can buy it […]