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  • Bake It So With This Spock Vulcan Salute Oven Mitt!

    Bake It So With This Spock Vulcan Salute Oven Mitt!

    Since I have always preferred eating cookie dough over actual cookies, I can’t say I ever do much baking.  However, for the Star Trek fans who enjoy doing some baking, I have found the perfect oven mitt for you and it would be a great compliment to the Captain Picard Bake It So cooking apron! […]

  • Star Trek Nail Tattoos [pic]

    Until today, I have never heard of fingernail tattoos before.  I have heard of fake fingernails and I have posted a ton of amazing fingernail art paint jobs that people have done both on here and my other blog, Fanboy Fashion, but I have never come across the term nail tattoos before today.  While I […]

  • Femme Spock Has Her Phaser Set to Stunning [pics]

    One of my favorite things about going to sci-fi conventions is to see the women dressed in Vulcan cosplay.  I know that sounds a little odd considering all of the great things that can be seen and done at sci-fi cons but for some reason, I find the pointy ear thing extremely attractive.  What can […]

  • The Corner of Live Long St and Prosper Ave [pic]

    Ever since I lived in Salt Lake City, I haven’t been a big fan of street names.  The grid system they have out there is extremely useful and I hate living in a place that doesn’t use a grid system because it just makes things really easy to find without the need of things like […]

  • Star Trek Vulcan Salute Laptop Bag [pic]

    It won’t be too long before I am in the market for a laptop bag because the straps on the backpack I am carrying are slowly coming apart (they don’t make stuff to last like they used to).  Well, when that day arrives that it is time for a new laptop bag, I want to […]

  • Vulcan Salute Oven Mitt [pic]

    There might not be any better way to tell somebody to live long and prosper than by making them some cookies.  And there also might not be any geekier way to take those cookies out of the oven than with a Vulcan solute oven mitt!  Well, for the Star Trek fans out there that like […]