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  • How to make Bing photos your Windows desktop wallpaper

    One of the most popular features of Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the background images that are changed every day on Bing.com.  They always seem to find some amazing photos and now you can have those photos as your desktop wallpaper!  The crew over at Tekzilla found the handy project called Bingrounder over on Codeplex that […]

  • Windows 7 to hit stores October 22nd

    Greetings Readers! Microsoft has announced on the Windows 7 Team Blog that Windows 7 will be in stores on October 22, 2009.  Windows 7 should hit RTM (release to manufacturing) sometime in the second have of July.  Half of the mystery still remains as we don’t know what Windows 7 will cost other than the […]

  • Windows 7 is… Windows 7?!

    Greetings Readers! In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has announced that the name of Windows 7 will be… Windows 7.  Sounds fancy doesn’t it? In the announcement, they listed some reasons why they went with the name, such as not wanting to go with a year because its not a yearly release and that an […]

  • Ballmer Should Be the Person Doing the Microsoft Commercials!

    Greetings readers! After watching the new Microsoft “I’m a PC” commercials, my first thought was “I want Seinfeld back!”  Then after the initial reaction subsided, I realized who should be doing the commercials, Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is known for doing various Microsoft commercials in the past, commercials with a clear message and lots of energy.  […]

  • Microsoft to use Olympics to help Vista, Silverlight Adoption

    Greetings Readers! For those of your who are looking forward to watching the 2008 Olympics but would like to watch the events online at a time that is convenient for you, you might be in luck!  If you are running Vista and have Silverlight, thanks to a partnership with NBC and Wavexpress, you will be […]