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  • CounterStrike 2 Announced by Valve

    CounterStrike 2 Announced by Valve

    In case there was any doubt, it appears that Valve still hasn’t learned how to count to 3.  They have just announced a new CounterStrike game but they are calling it CounterStrike 2 because why not? I make fun of Valve for not being able to count to three (no Team Fortress 3, Half-Life 3, […]

  • The Ultimate Portal Test Chamber Bedroom [pics]

    It has long been a dream of mine to give my bedroom some sort of geeky makeover but thanks to the texture on my walls, that is much easier said than done.  Well, there are some people out there that have walls that are a little better for doing stuff with and at least a […]

  • Portal Birthday Cake [pic]

    It is always nice to see the cool things that people will do for their significant other for special occasions like their birthday.  At least when it comes to geeks, romance definitely isn’t dead and judging by cakes like this fantastic Portal birthday cake, it is alive and well! Reddit user Fus_ro_dah_lady made this cake […]

  • This Portal Cake Isn’t A Lie But it is Cool! [pic]

    Are you one of the millions of fans of the Portal games?  Then I suspect you will love this Portal cake which apparently isn’t a lie (although it looks like it should be).  Rather than being just another Companion Cube cake which seems to be a popular cake choice lately, this one took a completely […]

  • Portal Core Cookies [pic]

    Its that time of year again when everybody fills up on cookies and other sweets for a couple months, gain weight and make a promise to loose the weight that they won’t keep.  Well, if you are caught in that horrible tradition (like I am), then at least make sure the piles of cookies that […]

  • Portal 2 Test Subject Hat [pic]

    Its quite rare for people to see me without a hat on because I never leave the house without one.  I don’t know why, but I feel naked if I am out in public without a hat on. Well, for those that feel the same way and wear a baseball cap wherever you go and […]