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  • Star Trek’s Enterprise Made From an Old Hard Drive [pic]

    A little over a year ago, I posted one persons Star Trek creation where they created the USS Enterprise out of office supplies like a couple of pens and a CD.  Well, as cool as that was, I prefer it when the Enterprise has a little more storage space than just 700MB and apparently I […]

  • USS Enterprise 1701-D Star Trek LCARS Display Print [pic]

    Are you looking for an awesome way to show your love for Star Trek on the walls of your house?  Well, so am I and I have found something for us both!  For the Star Trek: The Next Generation fans out there, I have stumbled upon this awesome USS Enterprise 1701-D LCARS display print! Etsy […]

  • Star Trek Enterprise Cake [pic]

    I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a Star Trek cake at some point but being more of a Deep Space Nine fan, I would probably want a cake in the shape of the Defiant.  However, I certainly wouldn’t pass up an awesome cake like this one of the USS Enterprise if it […]