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  • Ugliest Computer Ever Made From Cardboard [pic]

    I’ve seen some mind blowing pc case mods before but this does not qualify.  Actually, this is exactly the opposite.  This is the ugliest looking PC case mod I have ever seen.  Apparently some guy decided it would be cheaper just to throw all of the computer parts in a cardboard box and while that […]

  • Death Star Costume [pic]

    I’ve seen some less than functional Halloween costumes over the years but this has to be right up there.  This guy apparently decided to wear a giant Death Star costume that doesn’t look the best and looks like it is a disaster waiting to happen.  First of all, how are you supposed to get candy […]

  • Worst Star Wars cosplay ever [pic]

    I love going to sci-fi conventions whenever I can and I have seen some amazing costumes and some really bad ones but I have never seen anything quite as bad as this.  I don’t know where this picture was taken at but without a doubt, this is the worst Star Wars cosplay I have ever […]