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  • Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard and Mouse Set [pic]

    There are a LOT of big Star Trek fans out there and it is safe to say that they all need a keyboard and mouse.  Now they can combine that need with their love of Star Trek The Original Series thanks to this awesome Star Trek “Crew” keyboard + mouse pair.  The picture and a […]

  • Star Trek Enterprise salt and pepper shakers [pic]

    Looking for a way to make your dinner a little bit geekier but don’t have the skills it takes to make some of the amazing geeky food creations we post on here?  Then I have the salt and pepper shakers for you!  Pictured below are some awesome Star Trek salt and pepper shakers.  One is […]

  • Klingon Korkscrew [pic]

    ThinkGeek is the favorite shopping destination of many geeks and now it is the favorite shopping destination of Star Trek loving alcoholics too!  They are selling an awesome looking Klingon Korkscrew for just $20.  The corkscrew is shaped to look like a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Unfortunately it shows no battle scars like an honorable […]

  • Stormtroopers vs Star Trek red shirts [cartoon]

    The awesome folks over at Geeks are Sexy posted this funny little cartoon about the sci-fi geek version of cops and robbers called Stormtroopers and the Star Trek red shirts.  I think it is safe to say that if I was as big of a scifi fan as a kid as I am now, I […]

  • Man builds awesome Star Trek-like home computer [VIDEO]

    Being a life long Star Trek fan, I have always wished to have some computers mounted in the walls of my house with the LCARS menu interface.  One awesome Star Trek lover made my dream come true in his house.  Check out this awesome video of this awesome system this guy built by himself with […]