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  • The Ultimate Star Trek Hotel Room

    One of my complaints about hotel rooms is that most of the ones I have stayed in have no character.  They are all basically the exact same and about as minimal as you can get.  Normally, I would say this is probably because I just go for cheap rooms but even the more expensive rooms […]

  • Amazing Star Wars Luggage

    There are two reasons I really hate flying, the TSA and having to deal with luggage.  I don’t think there is much I can do about the security theater goons but I have found you can at least make the identification of your luggage at the carousel much easier if you do something unique to […]

  • Rolling TARDIS Luggage [pic]

    Ever since airlines started charging for checked bags, I have learned to live with carry-on luggage (when I fly which I avoid at all costs) but I almost wouldn’t mind the baggage fees so much if I got to carry around some awesome TARDIS luggage like this!  I have yet to be able to track […]

  • Microsoft Student Insider Training Day 1: Travel

    Greetings everybody! Sorry for my recent absence from the blog.  Between my trip to Microsoft that I am about to tell you about, finals, my grandmother’s cancer and a few other things, my life has been all kinds of crazy lately.  Hopefully, starting today, I can get back to blogging regularly like I vowed at […]