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Its not very often you see mash-ups between Star Trek and Star Wars despite the number of fans that love both.  I’m not quite sure why that is because I often see people combine one of those franchises with something else like Doctor Who or even Space Invaders but I have a feeling it has to do with the Star Wars vs Star Trek mentality.  I know a lot of geeks like to have that debate but I tend to be one of those can’t we all just get along kind of people.  I think if there was less fighting and more baking, we would have more awesome Star Trek and Star Wars mash-up cookies like the ones below!

Star Trek and Star Wars fan Klickitat Street is the creator of these delicious looking cookies that combine Star Wars with the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series.  No matter which franchise you prefer (I’m a Star Trek person myself although I enjoy both depending on my mood), you can’t deny how cute and utterly awesome these cookies are!

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Star Trek and Star Wars Cookies

Trek Wars Cookies

[Source:  Klickitat Street via Between the Pages]

Even though I may not be a huge fan of eating gingerbread, I do appreciate seeing all of the cook gingerbread creations that people make this time of year.  I have posted a lot of cool gingerbread creations recently ranging from a gingerbread TARDIS and K9 to a gingerbread Millennium Falcon.  Well, now we have a gingerbread creation from the Star Trek universe!

The Food Replicator blog has posted about this awesome gingerbread Star Trek communicator that they made recently.  You can find links to the recipe and stuff they used over on their post, but here are some of the details for how it was made and a picture of the completed TOS communicator!

I cut out the pattern pieces on thick card paper and then used that to cut out the cookie pieces. I froze the dough before cooking as this helps it keep its shape.

I used royal icing (1 egg white, add icing sugar until the desired consistency is reached) for all decorations, as well as for gluing the pieces together.

Toothpicks and scrunched up pieces of plastic wrap are both very useful to use as prop-ups while waiting for the royal icing to dry when gluing the pieces together.

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Star Trek Gingerbread Communicator

Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator

[Source:  Food Replicator via Neatorama]

Being a huge Star Trek fan, I always thought it would be cool to have breakfast with the crew of the USS Enterprise, but I never considered the possibility of eating them for breakfast.

I’m not positive who made these awesome Star Trek pancakes featuring the cast of the original series, but I think they were created by Nathan Shields of Saipan Cakes.  If that name sounds familiar, that is because Nathan is the person that also created the Star Wars pancake art I posted back in May.

I have no clue how these were made, but I would say he did a great job!  I think my personal favorite is the Spock pancake although I think the Sulu pancake is pretty cool too!  I wish all pancakes were Star Trek pancakes like this!

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Star Trek Flapjacks

Star Trek Pancakes

[Source:  Saipan Cakes via That’s Nerdalicious]

Although the original Star Trek was never my favorite (DS9 is for those who are new to Global Geek News), I still enjoy seeing amazing cakes from all of the different Star Trek series.  Even if TOS isn’t my favorite, I still thought these amazing Spock and Sulu cakes were so well done there was no way I couldn’t post them!

These stellar Sulu and Spock Star Trek cakes were made by the clearly talented cake makers at KupKake Tree.  The lifelike detail on these cakes is quite impressive!  The one thing that does feel a little weird is the Starfleet insignia on their uniforms as I think they look a bit like fortune cookies.  Even if it does feel a bit weird, I think that just adds to the charm of these amazing cakes!

If you are interested in more Star Trek cake action, check out the Star Trek TOS bridge cake I posted last year.

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Star Trek Spock and Sulu Cakes

Spock and Sulu Cakes

[via Between the Pages]

Considering all of the cool Star Trek tattoos I have seen over the years, I am kind of surprised that you don’t see more Starfleet combadge tattoos on people’s chest.  It seems like a really obvious idea for a tattoo so I am kind of surprised you don’t see it very often.

Well, there is one cool Star Trek lover that decided to do exactly that, but with a bit of a twist!  Andy Balkus got this awesome Star Trek combadge tattoo on his chest that is a mashup of the combadge from Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG.  The person that did the actual inking of this awesome tattoo was Rob at Brookland Park Tattoo in Richmond, VA.

I don’t know if this tattoo would help you live long or prosper, but I bet it would get you free drinks at any bar in Federation space!

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Star Trek Combadge Mashup Tattoo

Star Trek Combadge Tattoo

[Source:  Geeky Tattoos]

Its been quite a few years since I have ridden my bicycle, but if I had an awesome Star Trek cycling jersey like this, I would be biking everywhere I went!  This is perhaps the best motivation I could ever have to start getting back into a shape other than round.

The awesome folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic Star Trek cycle jersey for $79.99-$81.99 depending on what size you need.  If you know of a bicycle loving Star Trek fan, I think you now have a great idea of what to get them for Christmas this year (its only 3 months away)!

Unfortunately, biking while wearing a Star Trek cycle jersey won’t help you in achieving warp speed.

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Star Trek Biking Jersey

Star Trek Cycle Jersey

Star Trek Biking Jersey Back

Star Trek Cycle Jersey Back

[Source:  ThinkGeek]