Tag: ThinkGeek

  • Star Wars Wooden Coasters [pic]

    When it comes to places to set my drink, I have always preferred using old AOL disks as coasters.  Sadly, those are getting hard to come by so I think it is time I upgrade to something really cool like these awesome wooden Star Wars drink coasters!  This set of 4 Star Wars coasters includes […]

  • ThinkGeek’s Great Geeky Pumpkin Template Contest [pics]

    I’ve never been one for carving pumpkins since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body but for those that do and like to make geeky pumpkin templates, ThinkGeek is hosting an awesome geeky pumpkin template contest!  So far they have entries that range from trollface to K-9 (from Doctor Who) to the Aperture […]

  • Sonic the Hedgehog tote bag [pic]

    I have never been one to care much about tote bags but then again I have never really seen that are meant to appeal to geeks… until now!  Over at ThinkGeek, they are selling this awesome looking Sonic the Hedgehog tote bag for $20.  I’m not sure if owning this tote bag will make you […]

  • Pong and Centipede wall stickers [pics]

    A couple of days ago, I posted a set of really cool Asteroids wall decals to make your wall look like a giant game of Asteroids and now I have come across some Pong and Centipede wall decals that I thought were worth posting.  If you are looking to turn your walls into some old […]

  • Klingon Korkscrew [pic]

    ThinkGeek is the favorite shopping destination of many geeks and now it is the favorite shopping destination of Star Trek loving alcoholics too!  They are selling an awesome looking Klingon Korkscrew for just $20.  The corkscrew is shaped to look like a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Unfortunately it shows no battle scars like an honorable […]