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  • Spectacular Hand-Painted Super Mario Bros Shoes [pic]

    When it comes to unique, hand-painted shoes like this awesome pair of Super Mario Bros shoes, I don’t think I could ever wear them.  I would give anything to have a pair of Super Mario Bros shoes like these, but working in a junk yard, they wouldn’t stay nice for very long. However, if you […]

  • Pac-Man Nike Shoes [pic]

    Recently, I posted an awesome picture of a Donkey Kong Nike Dunk concept shoe that was created by Antony Hollingworth (which means you will likely never see such a shoe in stores).  Well, considering how much people like that awesome shoe, I thought I should post the Pac-Man Nike shoe design that Antony also created. […]

  • Amazing Iron Man Light-Up Nike Tennis Shoes [pic]

    Finally, some really geeky shoes that aren’t those ugly Converse Chuck Taylors!  Somebody has done some serious customization to their Nike tennis shoes and gave them an awesome Iron Man look.  Perhaps the most impressive part is the light-up LEDs on the tongue of the shoe, not to mention the eyes on the back!  Sadly, […]