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  • Laser-etched wooden Super Mario World map is perfect for any wall!

    Laser-etched wooden Super Mario World map is perfect for any wall!

    For whatever reason, I have this somewhat strange habit of buying really cool and very geeky posters with the intention of putting them up on my bedroom walls yet in all of these years, not a single one of them has made it on my walls yet.  I suppose part of that is because some […]

  • Gingerbread Super Mario World Castle [pic]

    The flood of gingerbread creations seem to show no signs of slowing down and this time Super Mario Bros is getting into the action with a gingerbread castle!  Last March, I posted a very impressive gingerbread version of Princess Peach’s castle (which I suggest checking out as it will blow you away), but this one […]

  • Mario Rides a Unicycle While Playing Super Mario World Music on the Bagpipes [video]

    Back in March, I posted a video of a guy riding a unicycle down the streets of Portland, OR while dressed as Darth Vader and playing Star Wars music on the bagpipes.  Well, apparently he is at it again and this time he is doing it Super Mario style! Brian Kidd, known as the Unipiper, […]

  • Amazing Super Mario Bros Glass Marbles [pic]

    Thanks to the wonderful world of video games, marbles were never very popular with my generation.  Growing up, I remember seeing some on occasion for sale at swap meets and stuff and I know some older people that are big collectors, but I have never seen anybody around my age (25) that has cared anything […]

  • Classic SNES Games in Real Life [video]

    Lately, I have been reliving my childhood memories of SNES games thanks to the wonderful world of console emulation.  Of course I could unpack my real SNES and play it the way it was meant to be played, but I am lazy and really don’t have the room right now. Anyway, apparently I am not […]

  • Awesome Super Mario World Birthday Cake [pics]

    Earlier this week, I posted an awesome looking Mario Kart cake and the same person behind that cake is the maker of this awesome Super Mario World themed cake.  Fays Cakes in Scotland created this awesome Super Mario World birthday cake for her son Ethan’s 10th birthday.  I think this might be my favorite Super Mario […]