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  • Star Trek Enterprise Soapbox Racer [pic]

    When I think about soapbox derbies, I usually think of it as a kids activity.  Not because we ever had any soapbox derbies where I grew up because we didn’t, but because growing up, I always saw kids driving them on tv and in the movies.  However, apparently they aren’t just for kids anymore and […]

  • Battlestar Galactica Wedding Cake [pics]

    There is nothing I love more than seeing two sci-fi loving geeks get married.  Why?  Because they have the coolest wedding cakes of course!  In this particular case, a couple of Battlestar Galactica fans apparently tied the knot (has anybody ever seen the happy couple tie a real knot at a wedding?) and to celebrate, […]

  • LEGO Cylon Basestar [pics]

    I’m always impressed when people create a spaceship from their favorite sci-fi franchise out of LEGO bricks.  Considering many builds that I have seen often take months to build, I’m not sure I would have the time or patience to do something like that.  Well, Garry King seems to be one of those people that […]

  • Millennium Falcon Guitar [pic]

    When it comes to things I never thought I would see, I wouldn’t have even thought about putting a  Millennium Falcon guitar on that list despite the fact that it should probably be there.  Well, some music fan decided to combine his love for the Star Wars  Millennium Falcon and a guitar and came up […]

  • Millennium Falcon Cake [pic]

    In keeping with my tradition of posting the geekiest cakes I can find, I decided to post this awesome looking Millennium Falcon birthday cake that I spotted yesterday.  This fits in perfectly with the Millennium Falcon rear car window picture I posted earlier today.  I’m kind of curious how long it took to make this cool looking […]