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  • This Gingerbread Death Star Is How The Empire Celebrates Christmas

    This Gingerbread Death Star Is How The Empire Celebrates Christmas

    I can’t say I have ever tried celebrating Christmas by blowing up planets but I can’t say it sounds like a bad idea either.  Actually, it sounds like a really fun thing to do for Christmas and its not like there is a shortage of planets in this galaxy anyway.  However, since I don’t own […]

  • An Awesome Star Wars Tie Bomber Mailbox

    One of the downsides of the neighborhood where I live is that around here, we don’t have mailboxes that sit along the street like many places do.  Many houses just have a box next to their front door for the mail or others are like me and just have a slot in the front door […]

  • This 1/2 Inch Papercraft Millennium Falcon is Incredible

    I have posted some pretty cool Star Wars papercraft things in the past such as the papercraft X-Wing fighter made out of a Star Wars book and a rather religious looking papercraft Darth Vader, but I have never seen any papercraft creation quite this small before.  To say that I am blown away by the […]

  • Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table [pic]

    Even though I know I could never afford one, one of the things I seem to enjoy blogging about most is geeky furniture, specifically coffee tables.  I have posted several really cool ones in the past such as the Millennium Falcon coffee table and the Star Trek Enterprise coffee table, but now I have found […]

  • Amazing Star Wars Y-Wing Bunk Bed [pics]

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people take the idea of being a geek to an extreme.  In this case, somebody built an AMAZING looking Star Wars Y-Wing bunk bed.  I think this is honestly one of the coolest bedroom setups I have ever seen, even better than the Millennium Falcon bed I […]