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  • This TARDIS Pop Machine is Fantastic!

    Not being a fan of pop or soda or whatever you want to call it, I can’t say I have ever had much use for pop machines.  Once in a while I will get a bottled water from them if they have it and it is not Aquafina (that stuff is nasty), but otherwise I […]

  • Minecraft Creeper Pop Box Display [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me the awesome things that stock boys can create when they are building a mountain of pop boxes at the grocery store.  In the past, I have posted some rather spectacular Super Mario Bros pop box displays (like this one and this one), but this is the first time I […]

  • Halo Master Chief Helmet Made From Mountain Dew Boxes [pic]

    Since I am in charge of refilling the pop machine at work, I have to deal with a lot of pop boxes, but I never thought about making something with them after I am done.  Sure, I could stack them up like some of the amazing pop box displays I have posted on here in […]

  • Darth Maul Pop Box Display [Pic]

    I am always impressed when some stock boy creates some sort of amazing display out of pop boxes.  I may not be a pop drinker, but I am a pop box display admirer!  In particular, I have always enjoyed this Super Mario Bros pop box display.  Anyway, apparently in celebration of the release of Star […]

  • Space Invaders Coca-Cola Cans [pics]

    I don’t think there is any possible pop can design that could get me to drink any kind of soft drink (I hate carbonation), but these Space Invaders themed Coca-Cola cans are definitely awesome!  Now for the bad news… they aren’t real.  These 8-bit themed pop cans were created by artist Erin McGuire so you […]

  • Another amazing Super Mario Bros pop can display [pic]

    When I posted the amazing Super Mario Bros pop can display yesterday, I honestly never expected to see another one.  Luckily, that expectation has been proven wrong!  It seems that yet another grocery store employs at least one Super Mario Bros fan with a knack for making some awesome displays out of pop can boxes. […]