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  • Social Media Explained Humorously [pic]

    I am often asked many things about social media from why it is important to what you are supposed to do with various services like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Foursquare (among others) and after a while, I tend to get tired of answering those same questions over and over again.  From now on, when […]

  • Zombie Like Button [pic]

    Facebook isn’t just for normal people, Facebook is for zombies too!  The Facebook Like button has become fairly iconic thanks to the social networks popularity over the past couple of years.  Well, apparently one zombie loving Facebook user decided the Like button wasn’t gross enough so they decided to sever a hand and paint the […]

  • In Case of Fire, Tweet Later [pic]

    Like millions of others, I often feel the urge to tweet something when something exciting is happening before really taking the time to react to whatever is going on.  Well, apparently this is becoming such a problem (probably an addiction to Twitter) that places are now having to put up signs saying saying that in […]

  • You know your relationship is over when… [geek cartoon]

    At some point in their lives, most people have heard the ‘I think we should just be friends’ line or maybe they have even said it themselves.  Unfortunately, here in the 21st century, that statement is kind of vague.  Does that mean we will really just be friends?  Will we still be friends on Twitter? […]

  • Facebook Like and Dislike Cufflinks [pic]

    Like I have said a number of times in the past, I hate dressing up.  Any shirt with anything longer than short sleeves is too dressy for my taste.  Well, on the very rare occasion that I have to dress up, something like these Facebook Like and Dislike Cufflinks would be great to have!  You […]

  • Awesome Twitter cake [pic]

    A few days ago, Twitter turned 5 years old and apparently somebody created this awesome Twitter cake to celebrate!  As yummy as this Twitter cake looks, I am kind of sad that the Fail Whale doesn’t make an appearance on it.  Even without the Fail Whale, it still looks really tasty!  Whoever made this has […]