• Nintendo Gaming NEStalgia T-Shirt $10 TODAY ONLY! [pic]

    Like many, I have grown up playing Nintendo consoles since I was 2 years old and I still own and play all of my different Nintendo consoles.  Well, for those that have a fondness for gaming on Nintendo systems I suspect you will love this awesome NEStalgia shirt as much as I do! The awesome […]

  • Awesome Super Nintendo Tattoo [pic]

    I have to admit, I do tend to long for the simpler days of the consoles I grew up with like the NES and the SNES.  I miss the days where consoles did one thing and one thing only, play video games!  Well, it seems that one Super Nintendo fan seems to agree with me […]

  • Classic SNES Games in Real Life [video]

    Lately, I have been reliving my childhood memories of SNES games thanks to the wonderful world of console emulation.  Of course I could unpack my real SNES and play it the way it was meant to be played, but I am lazy and really don’t have the room right now. Anyway, apparently I am not […]

  • Custom Arcade Cabinet for playing Super Nintendo Games [pics]

    A few weeks ago, I discovered that my local video arcade in our mall had shut down.  To say that I was sad would be an understatement as I spent much of my childhood and who knows how much money in that place. Well, ever since then I have been giving more serious thought to […]

  • SNES Cosplayer is a Ladies Man [pic]

    I’ve seen a lot of things done with old video game cartridges like the SNES urinal and the life sized Samus Aran made out of old video game cartridges but I think this is the first time I have ever seen them used to make some sort of ultimate gamer costume.  If you are looking […]

  • NES and SNES Controller Dresses [pic]

    Judging by the number of tweets that the strapless Nintendo Game Boy dress post from the other day received, it seems like you guys might have a gaming fetish so I thought that this would be the perfect picture to share.  Apparently these girls were spotted at Comic-Con last week wearing dresses that looked like […]