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  • Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow [pic]

    What should a true Doctor Who fan lay their head on every night when they go to sleep?  A TARDIS pillow of course!  Nothing says I dream of being the Doctor’s companion quite like sleeping with the TARDIS. A while back, I posted a rather minimalist TARDIS pillow you could get off of Etsy, but […]

  • Doctor Who Inspired TARDIS Pillow [pic]

    Do you spend your nights dreaming of being the Doctor and traveling the universe in the TARDIS?  Well, I can’t make that dream come true (if I could do you think I would be here typing this?!), but I can point you in the direction of a really awesome TARDIS pillow! Etsy seller FourEyesHandmade is […]

  • A Dalek Pillow Even The Doctor Would Love [pic]

    Are you a Whovian in search of a new pillow?  I know I am and I think I have just found the perfect pillow for any Doctor Who fan!  Meet the Dalek pillow! Etsy seller FourEyesHandmade is selling this fantastic Dalek pillow for $32.  You can get it in a variety of colors so if […]

  • Snorlax Loves Cake [pic]

    I know that the Snorlax Pokemon is known for sleeping, but I didn’t realize it was known for its love of cake too!  The way this cake is made almost makes it look like it is fake but surely no cake that prominently features a happy Snorlax can be fake.  Can it?  Fake or not, […]