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  • SKYRIM: To Lydia with Love [video]

    Between work, school and blogging, I haven’t had time to even touch Skyrim in weeks but I am still slightly obsessed with the game.  Just a quick check of Twitter tells me that I’m not alone in that obsession!  Speaking of Twitter, my Twitter friend and actress Kristen Nedopak recently made this hilarious Skyrim video […]

  • Crocheted Skyrim Inspired Helm with Beard and Bracers [pic]

    Did you see last week’s post about crocheted Skyrim dog cosplay and wish you could get in on the action?  Well now you can!  Etsy seller LegendaryCrafts is selling these made to order crocheted Skyrim inspired helmet with a beard and bracers for $125 (free shipping inside the US).  Currently, the turn around time on […]

  • Doggie Skyrim Cosplay [pics]

    One of my bigger pet peeves is when people dress their pets up as humans.  However, once in a very great while, I come across some pictures of dogs that are dressed up that are so awesome that I can’t help but like them.  This is one of those times. Facebook user Alicia Scantlin apparently […]

  • Skyrim Recreated with LEGO Bricks [pics]

    Although I haven’t had the time to spend with it that I would like, Skyrim is my current gaming obsession and to see it recreated out of LEGO bricks is just awesome.  The highly skilled LEGO builder Luke Hutchinson is the guy behind this awesome Skyrim scene built with LEGO bricks.  The level of detail […]

  • Crazy Skyrim Flyer Spotted at a Crosswalk [pic]

    Just when I thought the Portal crosswalk sign would be the craziest (and coolest) thing that I would ever see at a crosswalk, somebody seems to have found a crosswalk where somebody put this Skyrim flyer featuring a guard giving you your options for whatever crime you happened to commit.  I suppose between the options […]

  • The Skyrim Drinking Game [pic]

    I don’t drink alcohol but for those that do and like to play Skyrim at the same time, it looks like somebody has come up with a Skyrim drinking game that is sure to get you drunk in no time.  Just be careful not to try to go after any of the Skyrim guards while […]