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  • A MARVEL-ous Skirt [pic]

    One of the things I find most rewarding about blogging on Global Geek News is being able to share the really cool and super geeky things I come across with people that will appreciate them.  However, what I really love is when people share the really cool and super geeky things they make with me! […]

  • One of a Kind Doctor Who 11th Doctor Skirt [pic]

    Is your favorite Doctor from Doctor Who the 11th Doctor?  Do you also like to wear skirts?  Then I have found the 11th Doctor skirt for you!  Not only is this a fantastic Doctor Who skirt, it is also one-of-a-kind! Etsy seller luv2right is the person that created and is selling this one-of-a-kind Doctor Who […]

  • This Super Mario Bros 3 Skirt is Amazing! [pics]

    Of all of the Super Mario Bros games on the NES, Super Mario Bros 3 was always my favorite.  I still play it fairly often although now I just play it on emulators since I don’t really have much room to set up my NES right now (its also less hassle to get the game […]

  • Amazing Millennium Falcon Skirt [pics]

    Around this time last year, I posted a picture of a woman wearing an awesome Death Star skirt at the San Diego Comic-Con.  That woman was Jennifer Landa and she was back at Comic-Con again this year sporting a Millennium Falcon around her waist! I’d say Jennifer can only be described as an epic Star […]

  • Super Mario Bros Goomba Skirt [pic]

    I’m not the kind of guy that has the legs to be able to pull of wearing a skirt (not that I would wear one anyway), but for the Super Mario Bros loving women who like to wear skirts (or cross dressing men I suppose), I have found the Goomba skirt for you! Etsy seller […]

  • Star Wars Skirt Made From Sheets [pic]

    What do you do when you have some old Star Wars bed sheets laying around and you have some dress making skills?  You turn the sheets into Star Wars skirts and sell them on Etsy of course!  Etsy seller Cassie Mae is selling this awesome Star Wars skirt made from bed sheets for $40.  Currently, […]