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The #1 I hate about my bedroom is the lack of outlets for plugging stuff in.  Having only one outlet means I have a number of power strips daisy chained just to run all of my computers, game consoles, tv, and a ton of other gadgets and as much as I would like to have a mini fridge in my bedroom, I don’t want to push my luck and increase the risk of burning my house down any more than than I already have.  However, if I ever get another outlet put in or move somewhere that I have the ability to plug more stuff in, this Borg mini fridge is exactly what I will get!

The Star Trek loving nerds over at ThinkGeek are selling this amazing Borg Cube mini fridge for $149.99.  This Collective approved fridge can hold up to 9 pop cans with a little bit of room to spare and lights up green just like a real Borg Cube!  If you are a Star Trek fan who hates having to walk all the way to the kitchen to get something to drink while you are Netflixing on Star Trek: Voyager, this is the perfect mini fridge for you!  And one other interesting note, not only can this keep food cold but it can also keep it warm up to 149°F!

Now, if only somebody could invent a transporter to beam the pee out of you, you would never have to leave your bedroom ever again!

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Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Borg Cube Mini Fridge

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Millennium Falcon Pizza

Jeremy Bray —  September 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Anybody that has been following Global Geek News for any decent length of time knows that I am addicted to pizza.  Never does a week go by where I don’t eat at least two pizzas and sometimes three.  My personal record is fifteen days in a row of pizza (one day I will break this but right now my new diet won’t let me) and if it wasn’t for circumstances preventing it, it wouldn’t have stopped there.

Well, speaking of pizza, about a month ago I posted a delicious looking Boba Fett pizza and since it seems people like the combination of Star Wars and pizza, I thought I would share this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza!

I am not certain, but I think the creator of this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza was the person behind the ‘I Love to Geek’ Facebook page.  I’d say they did a pretty good job putting this together!

It is a good thing that tonight is one of my usual pizza nights because this Millennium Falcon really has me craving some pizza.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pizza

Millennium Falcon Pizza

[Source:  I Love to Geek]

A little over a year ago, I posted one persons Star Trek creation where they created the USS Enterprise out of office supplies like a couple of pens and a CD.  Well, as cool as that was, I prefer it when the Enterprise has a little more storage space than just 700MB and apparently I must not be the only one to think that.

Star Trek fan and geeky crafter Daniel Shankalonian decided to take an old hard drive and make the Enterprise out of it!  Actually, this Enterprise includes not only parts from a dead hard drive but bits of a dead motherboard and a keyboard too.  He was selling it on Etsy but it sold yesterday so if you were hoping to get your hands on this, it looks like you will have to settle for building your own.

Props to Daniel on this excellent and geeky creation!

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Star Trek Enterprise Hard Disk

Star Trek Enterprise Hard Drive

Star Trek Enterprise Hard Disk Side

Star Trek Enterprise Hard Drive Side

[Source:  Etsy via Technabob]

Although I have yet to watch the original show, I am a huge fan of the modern Battlestar Galactica series.  With Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome having released its first episode on Friday (although I have yet to watch it so please don’t spoil it in the comments), I figured it would be fitting to post this awesome Battlestar Galactica cake!

Not too long ago, I posted a really cool looking Battlestar Galactica emblem cake (which is my favorite BSG cake), but if you are looking for a cake of the actual ship, then I have found the cake you are looking for!  This isn’t as detailed of a Battlestar Galactica cake as the BSG wedding cake I have posted in the past, but this BSG cake has a nice charm to it.  I think the coloring on it makes it a more appealing cake than the wedding cake.

The awesome bakers at Pink Cake Box are the ones that created this amazing Battlestar Galactica cake which is a a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  It sounds delicious!

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BSG Cake

Battlestar Galactica Cake

BSG Cake Side

Battlestar Galactica Cake Side

[via Between the Pages]

In the past, I have posted some pretty amazing Star Wars themed birthday cakes on here such as this awesome Millennium Falcon birthday cake and an AT-AT birthday cake (among many others), but this is the first X-Wing fighter birthday cake I have had the pleasure of posting.

This awesome Star Wars X-Wing birthday cake was made by Cake Central Member TTRan. There is no indication on this awesome cake who it might be for or how old they are turning, but whoever they are, they got an awesome cake for their birthday!

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Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Cake

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Cake

Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Cake Back

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Cake Back

[Source: TTRan via That’s Nerdalicious]

I’m glad to see the art of stained glass is not dead and is being used for something other than religious purposes.  I have nothing against it being used for religious purposes, its just that when you think of stained glass, you tend to think of the stained glass that you would find in a big church.  Anyway…

Somebody by the name of Coby is apparently a big Doctor Who fan and also has the skills it takes to make some rather impressive stained glass, in this case a stained glass TARDIS.  This one isn’t 3D like the last stained glass TARDIS I posted, but for some reason, I seem to like this one better.

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Stained Glass TARDIS

Stained Glass TARDIS

[Source:  Doctor Who Crafts]