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  • These Donkey Kong Shelves Will Blow Your Mind! [pic]

    If there is one thing I could really use in my bedroom, it is some shelves.  It feels like a shame to have all of these empty walls that I could use to store stuff since the texture on my walls doesn’t really play well with movie posters (of which I have many).  Well, if […]

  • Super Mario Bros Shelves [pic]

    I’ve been considering some ways to geek up my bedroom a little more lately and other than putting up some video game and movie posters, I haven’t come up with any ideas that were really cool.  Well, after seeing this amazing Super Mario Bros themed shelves and warp pipe table, I now have a desire […]

  • TARDIS Movie Cabinet [pic]

    If you have already turned your refrigerator into a TARDIS and are looking for something else to give the Doctor Who treatment to, do like this person and turn your movie cabinet into a TARDIS.  I recently outrgrew my current movie shelves due to all of the bargains around Black Friday so building a TARDIS […]