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  • Introducing my new business, Cyberspace Fortress!

    Introducing my new business, Cyberspace Fortress!

    For a long time, I have had the desire to work for myself so that I can have a little more control over my life and I am finally making that happen by getting business registration China!  Originally, Global Geek News and my other sites were made with the intention of supporting me but even […]

  • Web Icon Birthday Cupcakes [pic]

    I’ve posted some pretty awesome cupcakes on here in the past but I find this set of cupcakes kind of odd.  Apparently somebody by the name of Sarah had a birthday recently and for whatever reason got a bunch of cupcakes for her birthday that feature various website icons and software icons.  Icons featured include […]

  • Google Exodus: If Moses Had The Internet [Video]

    Have you ever asked yourself how history would have been different if they had the internet thousands of years ago?  I can’t say that I have but apparently one guy decided to take the thought and apply it to the biblical account of Exodus and Moses leading his people out of Egypt.  The funny video […]