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  • Nintendo Mount Playmore T-Shirt [pic]

    I have visited the iconic Mount Rushmore on several occasions in years gone by and while it is certainly cool and something worth seeing if you are ever in South Dakota, I would much rather give Mount Playmore a visit!  If only it was a real carving like Mount Rushmore… Well, it may not be […]

  • Cosplay Mario Wants Samus Instead of Princess Peach [pic]

    Just when you thought that Mario and Princess Peach made the perfect couple, especially considering all of the dangers he is willing to go through just to save her, it turns out that she isn’t the only one who has caught Mario’s eye.  The video game version of Mario might be family friendly but the […]

  • Ultimate Geek Tattoo [pic]

    I’ve posted some seriously amazing and geeky tattoos in the past but this is probably the ultimate geek tattoo (that doesn’t take up the persons entire back anyway).  This person gets some serious geek cred for combining many geeky icons ranging from Boba Fett to Link and MegaMan into a single tattoo.  If you have […]

  • 8-bit Samus Cosplay [pic]

    I’ve seen a flood of awesome cosplay pictures come out of Comic-Con but this is one of the more unique ones.  Somebody made and decided to wear this amazing 8-bit Samus costume.  I’m not sure I have ever seen any pixelated cosplay before other than Minecraft cosplay, so this is really cool!  It makes me […]