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  • Giant Angry Birds Pizza [pic]

    If there are two things that I can honestly say I am addicted to, it would have to be pizza and Angry Birds.  Well, apparently one hungry Angry Birds fan was able to talk his local pizza place into making him a giant Angry Birds pizza.  I am actually pretty amazed at how good looking […]

  • Angry Birds Pizza [pic]

    I haven’t seen any numbers for a couple of months but I think it is safe to say at this point that Angry Birds is probably the most popular portable game of all time.  It has become so crazy that the pissed off birds first invaded the culinary world with the awesome playable Angry Birds […]

  • Epic Angry Birds Cupcakes [pic]

    I love cupcakes.  I also love Angry Birds.  So when I saw these awesome looking Angry Birds cupcakes, I knew I had to post them.  I also realized that I forgot to eat any breakfast.  Anyway, this tower of Angry Birds cupcakes looks pretty awesome.  I’m not sure I if I like them quite as […]

  • Angry Birds sandwiches [pic]

    Its only taken several months, but I think I have finally kicked my Angry Birds addiction and replaced it with a Tiger Woods golf addiction on my iPod Touch.  I may have just replaced one addiction for another but at least I am away from Angry Birds for a while.  Anyway, there are still a […]

  • Angry Birds cupcakes [pic]

    Although I don’t think these cupcakes live up to the awesomeness of the Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes I posted earlier this week, these Angry Birds cupcakes are still really awesome.  I’m not sure if the various Angry Birds characters are edible on these cupcakes but they still look good.  Its stuff like this that really […]

  • Forget Angry Birds, I want to play Angry Peeps! [pic]

    I love me some Angry Birds so when I saw Angry Peeps, I knew I had to share it!  I can’t decide if this is quite as cool as the playable Angry Birds cake but this is really cool!  I like the idea of combining Angry Birds with Peeps.  The idea of being able to […]