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  • Doctor Who Comic Style Tee $11 Today Only!

    Doctor Who Comic Style Tee $11 Today Only!

    Happy Monday everybody!  I hope the weekend was nice and relaxing for all of you.  I’m sorry for not posting anything last week besides my fights with a content thief (which still continue as GoDaddy hasn’t responded to my last takedown request that I sent on Friday), but I intend to make up for it […]

  • Amazing Doctor Who ‘I Am the Bad Wolf’ Tee $11 Today Only!

    Anybody who has been a reader of Global Geek News for any length of time knows I have a slight obsession with artwork by Megan Lara.  I tend to become especially crazed when the design is focused on Doctor Who.  I have t-shirts of all of her Doctor Who designs and a few others ranging […]

  • Doctor Who Rose Tyler Bad Wolf T-Shirt is $10 Today Only! [pic]

    One of my favorite geeky t-shirt designers is Megan Lara, so when I found out one of her awesome designs was coming up for sale for $10 today on TeeFury, you can imagine just how excited I got.  If her name and style seems familiar, it is because I posted one of her fraking awesome […]