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  • Legend of Zelda Floating Rupee Engagement Ring Box

    Legend of Zelda Floating Rupee Engagement Ring Box

    With Valentine’s Day this last weekend, I had a feeling that I might see some really geeky and awesome engagement ring boxes and it looks like I was right!  In the past, I have featured a couple of really cool Legend of Zelda treasure chest engagement ring boxes like this one that plays music and […]

  • The TARDIS Engagement Ring Box For The Girl Who Waited [pic]

    There is nothing more romantic in my book than when one geek proposes to another geek in some really geeky way.  I have posted a bunch of geeky proposals and engagement rings and ring boxes in the past but I think this might be one of my all time favorites.  In the past, I posted […]

  • This TARDIS Engagement Ring Box is Fantastic and Clever! [pic]

    Are you looking for a fantastic way to propose to that special Whovian in your life?  I so, then I think I have found the engagement ring box for you!  Even if you aren’t looking to propose to that special somebody (assuming you even have a special somebody) this is still one of the coolest […]

  • Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest Engagement Ring Box [pic]

    There are few things I enjoy seeing more than gamer love.  Its a nice contrast to see gamers getting married when any time spent on Xbox Live would make you think that the majority of gamers are nothing but foul mouthed 10 year olds.  Well, there is another happy gamer couple about to get married […]

  • Stargate Engagement Ring Box [pic]

    Normally, I prefer to blog about the real things people create rather than renderings, but I just liked the idea of this Stargate engagement ring box so much that I couldn’t help but post about it. In the past, I have blogged about various geeky engagement ring boxes like the Star Trek engagement ring box, […]