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  • Custom Painted NES Dresser

    Custom Painted NES Dresser

    There are certain things about my childhood furniture that I miss like my bunk bed that had a desk under it, but I never had anything this cool.  The dressers I had as a kid were just your plain, run of the mill dressers that you would get at any furniture store.  However, there is […]

  • Super Mario Bros Theme Played on Credit Card Machines

    Super Mario Bros Theme Played on Credit Card Machines

    It never ceases to amaze me the things that people can turn into musical instruments.  I’ve seen and posted about everything from floppy drives to hard drives and electric toothbrushes being used to play iconic and geeky music and this is another new one for me, credit card machines.  This time we have the Super […]

  • The Arcade Sofa You Never Knew You Wanted

    The Arcade Sofa You Never Knew You Wanted

    When it comes to furniture you want in your living room to kick back and play some video games, you are probably like me and thought that a nice big bean bag was the ideal way to go.  After all, you can adjust them for your comfort and you don’t hurt yourself when you accidentally […]

  • Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

    Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

    One of the games I grew up on as a kid was the Pac-Man arcade games.  I’ve spent many quarters over the years playing the various versions of Pac-Man in arcades and restaurants (there are still a couple in my town that have Pac-Man arcade cabinets last I checked) because its just such an addicting […]

  • This NES Bartop Arcade Is Amazing!

    This NES Bartop Arcade Is Amazing!

    For years, I have been kicking around the idea of building myself an arcade cabinet but I just don’t have the crafting or electronics experience to do it much less the artistic skills to make it look really cool when its all finished.  However, with all the Raspberry Pi retro arcades I see guides for […]

  • Sweet Pac-Man Cupcakes

    Sweet Pac-Man Cupcakes

    This morning I was going through and cleaning out old pictures on my phone to free up some space (16GB is just not enough internal storage Samsung!) when I came across the picture of these neat Pac-Man cupcakes I took last fall at the Colorado State Fair that I forgot to post.  In case the […]