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  • It Is Dangerous To Go Alone So Take This Legend of Zelda Quilt

    If there is one thing I have way to many of, it is blankets.  After going through my closet and some boxes in the basement, it amazed me just how many blankets I seem to have collected over the years and never use.  I guess that is a consequence of using a snuggie these days […]

  • Handmade Tetris Quilt [pic]

    It may feel like winter is never going to get here but it is only a few months away and that means you will soon need a blanket of some kind to keep you warm (unless you like having a huge heating bill).  Well, I have found the Tetris quilt that will keep any gamer […]

  • Doctor Who Daleks Attacking the TARDIS Quilt [pic]

    In the days of Snuggie blankets, I generally look down on any blankets/quilts that don’t have sleeves.  However, occasionally, one comes along that is so awesome that it doesn’t even matter that it does have sleeves and this Doctor Who quilt is one of them! This amazing 92″ x 92″ Doctor Who quilt was made […]

  • Large Hadron Collider Quilt [pic]

    Having a major interest in physics research, I am obsessed with any news I hear coming from the Large Hadron Collider.  That is why I would probably be the perfect person to own an LHC quit like this one! Kate Findlay is the amazing quilter that made this Large Hadron Collider quilt.  The amount of […]

  • Cloaking Klingon Bird of Prey Quilt [pic]

    One of my favorite Star Trek special effects has to be the cloaking of ships.  Whether they are Klingon ships or Romulan ships, I don’t care.  I just like the effect.  Well, one Etsy seller is apparently such a big fan of the cloaking effect that they made a wall hanging quilt featuring a cloaking […]

  • Star Trek The Original Series Transporter Beam Quilt [pic]

    If you are like me, you are always looking for a geeky way to decorate your bedroom and here is one of the best ways I have seen so far.  For $80 on TheAlligatorBride’s Etsy store, you can buy this awesome Star trek transporter beam quilt!  The down side?  This quilt only measures 16″ x 12″ […]