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  • Fantastic Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin

    Fantastic Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin

    With Halloween just over two weeks away, its that time of year again where I find some incredible geeky pumpkin carvings to share with you all!  This morning I happened to stumble across this fantastic exploding TARDIS pumpkin carving that Doctor Who fans are sure to fall in love with!  Its good enough to make you […]

  • Weeping Angel Pumpkin Carving [pic]

    The flood of geeky pumpkin carvings continues as we are less than a day away from Halloween and this time I have found an amazing Weeping Angel jack-o-lantern!  Around Halloween last year, I posted a couple of awesome Doctor Who pumpkin carvings including a TARDIS pumpkin carving and a Dalek pumpkin carving (perhaps my all […]

  • This Playable Tetris Pumpkin Carving is Awesome! [pic + video]

    One of the downsides of pumpkin carvings is that once the carving is done, they aren’t very interactive.  Sure, you hurl a pumpkin out into a field with some kind of cannon or other pumpkin hurling device but that is kind of a one shot deal and that is it because it will be smashed […]

  • Creepy Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker Jack-O-Lantern [pic]

    I always enjoy seeing the cool things that people carve out of pumpkins this time of year.  I don’t know if I enjoy it as much as all of the awesome pumpkin flavored foods this time of year (the pumpkin pancakes I had last week at IHOP were AMAZING), but it is cool to see […]

  • Awesome Death Star Pumpkin [pic]

    Its that time of year again when everything is invaded by pumpkins.  Just yesterday, I had pumpkin pancakes at IHOP (they were amazing in case you are wondering).  Well, for those who prefer to paint their pumpkins rather than carve them or eat them, I have found perhaps the coolest painted pumpkin ever!  Actually, its […]

  • Command and Conquer NOD and GDI Jack-o’-lantern [pic]

    I can’t say I play as many strategy games as I used to, but growing up, I was addicted to the Command and Conquer games.  Actually, writing for various C&C fan sites was how I got my start in blogging over a decade ago!  Well, although I don’t play much Command & Conquer these days […]